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More than 90% migration of all personal customer teller transactions to assisted self-service through modular and flexible solutions:

  • Smart ATM
    • A solution that automatically notifies the customer about the exact date of card expiry of his/her debit card, when expiry is now within a preconfigured time limit as soon as card is slotted into the ATM machine.

  • Customer Alert for Failed Transactions
    • Allows for the sending of intelligent alerts (SMS & Email) to customers and can be extended to deliver specific messages

  • Default Account Selection (DAS)
    • The automatic selection of the default account of the customer on FEP which is presented to the customer on the ATM, using certain criteria like account with highest balance, account mostly used etc.

  • Voluntary Balance Prompt
    • Provides the card holder’s bank accounts balances once the customer slots his or her card and inputs PIN on the terminal

  • ATM Customer satisfaction survey
    • Enables the bank's customers provide feedback on satisfaction levels measured on a scale of 1 to 5 for services provided

  • ATM Multilingual (Text only)
    • This enables the bank's customers to be serviced in Nigeria’s local dialects

  • Cardless Withdrawals
    • A 10 to 14-digit code that allows customers perform cardless withdrawals on the ATM and purchases on the POS. In addition, if your company has another solution that could;

  • Integrate a Wallet Scheme to Postilion and Card Issuance
    • Allow customers to use a wallet system without not necessarily having an account with the bank

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Modernization of ATM services

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Video Banking

Offers customers the ability to easily video conference with the bank and express their needs.

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Interaction with clients for information gathering and business lead generation.

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Digital Signage

Multichannel solution for distributing marketing campaigns and publishing informative messages to customers.

Open branch formats invite interaction and focus assistance where needed.

Customers enjoy a faster, more convenient and relevant experience.

Branch staff can focus more on high-value customer conversations.

Straightforward teller transactions become completely automated.

Modular, flexible and reliable cash solutions free staff from repetitive tasks.